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Happy Computer FamilyMalibu-Blue Computer & Internet Solutions 
is your one-stop computer solution. We service all brands of desktop and notebook computers and sell Acer and Proteon PCs and laptops.

Malibu-Blue Computers sells Acer and other brands of Laptops, Towers, Tablets, Network Components and just about any other computer related hardware. We also offer an assortment of software like Microsoft Operating Systems, Microsoft Office Suites, and Antivirus programs as well as other office and productivity applications.

Remote Support
Have Internet access and want us to take a quick look at a problem? Our remote service agreements are perfect for both the home and business user! Did you know many problems can be resolved without costly onsite visits or needing to disconnect your computer? Available on a per incident basis or by Service Plan. Our two low quarterly rate plans combined with regular maintenance can help avoid costly repair bills in the future!

Per Incident Remote Assistance - $49.95
 - Mon-Fri 10am - 5pm
 - by appointment or availability
 - Cost applied to Depot Repair if issue cannot be resolved remotely

Quarterly Basic Remote Service Plan - $89.95
 - Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
 - by appointment or availability
 - Free in-shop Diagnostics if an issue cannot be resolved remotely
 - up to 9 Remote Support Sessions per quarter

Quarterly Pro Remote Service Plan - $199.95
- Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
- by appointment or availability
- Free in-shop Diagnostics and 10% Discount off Labor if an issue cannot be resolved remotely
- up to 24 Remote Support Sessions per quarter
- up to (3) Scheduled Remote Connections per quarter for Remote Clean, Maintenance and Updates

Call First! Please call 508-685-7707 or use our Live Chat for instructions on setting up Remote Support from Malibu-Blue Computers.


Depot Repair
Some issues just need specialized attention in our shop. There are times where issues are just more economical to resolve at our office in West Dennis than through an onsite visit. Sometimes Remote Support is not possible (no Internet) or a complicated virus that just can't be resolved either onsite or remote. We have the depot repairs tools needed to resolve most difficult viruses and other complicated issues.

Onsite Repair & Installations
Network issues or just can't be without your computer? We can come to you! Just schedule an appointment and we come to your home or business. Perfect for network installations, computer setups, or troubleshooting.

Yes, we work on both MACs and PCs
Trouble with your Apple product? We can help! We service Android, Apple, and PC products!

Contact us through our Live Chat, email us at or call us for a quote or consultation on your next purchase!

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