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Business ComputingMalibu-Blue Computer & Internet Solutions 
is your one-stop computer solution. We service all brands of desktop and notebook computers and sell Acer and Proteon PCs and laptops. Our tag line is "Geek Stuff, Simplified!" because we know you want technical assistance in layman's terms.

PCs, MACs and 'Droids
We service and support Android, Apple, and PC products! While we do not sell Macs, we do sell PCs and Tablets with both Windows and Android operating systems. Need Linux, Ubuntu, non-standard, or dual-boot systems, we can help there too!

Networks & Servers
Malibu-Blue Computers can design and install your network, for both home and office. Whether you just want wireless access in your home or require full Windows Server technology for your small, medium, or large business ... Malibu-Blue Computers is here for you.

Website Design and Applications
Malibu-Blue specializes in website design and web application building. We are expert-level web app programmers in ColdFusion, PHP, and ASP technologies. Call us for a free initial consultation to discuss your Internet needs.

Support, Trainings, and Seminars
Happy CoupleMalibu-Blue Computers is here to support you and help you reach your computer potential. We offer trainings and regularly present seminars at our facility and local Senior Centers. Many of our seminars are provided to seniors at no cost through the Senior Centers and Community College.

Malibu-Blue Computers also specializes in business support. We realize computer down time and software problems can cripple productivity. We have unique capabilities in the manufacturing field (CAD/CAM) and QuickBooks, including support all the way up to QB Enterprise versions. We have a long history as software developers and PC builders, we know computers inside and out!

Contact us through our Live Chat, email us at or simply call us!

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